Deluxe body Treatment

Ginger pain Relief massage
(60 min) $129   |   (90 min) $179

This pungent spice is found in cuisine around the globe, but ginger has also been used for more than 2,500 years for its medicinal properties. The ancient Chinese knew that it aided in the absorption of many herbal preparations and they prescribed it extensively as a digestive tonic.

A native root of southeast Asia, ginger is a potent ally in the treatment of nausea, motion sickness, and joint pain. Current research confirms ginger’s efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, GI calmative, and antihistamine. The active ingredients found in ginger — gingerols and shagoals — lower levels of prostaglandins, the chemicals responsible for pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. By reducing prostaglandins, ginger can even have a positive effect on heart health and circulation because chronic, systemic inflammation increases the risk of heart attack and blood vessel compromise. Therapy to open the energy channels, to detoxify your body, to balance inner energy and to simulate energy blood circulation for Pain Relief and Relaxation.

Flowers bath with body massage
(60 min) $145   |   (90 min) $175

  • A Super-Natural experience! For that special soak, immerse yourself in a flower-bath surrounded by buds of lavender or roses… You will have all the benefits of a simple Himalayan Salt Bath and also enjoy the scent and natural oils released from these pretty organic flower heads.
  • Analysis has revealed that Whole Pink Himalayan Salt contains over eighty minerals and trace minerals, which occur in a similar ratio to the mineral content of the human body.
  • When dissolved in water, the salt, and its minerals, can be absorbed through the skin; they are then assimilated easily as they are in their natural state and when the body has attained its optimum salt and mineral levels, it can work at its best, benefitting many functions such as digestion and metabolism, the nervous system and muscle tone.after This technique unites the rejuvenating experience of massage with the power of flower has endless physical and psychological benefits that promote overall health and well being.

Table Shower & Body Massage
(60 min) $119  |  (90 min) $169

The service offers wonderful benefits to your skin, keeping it clean and healthy because you’re typically scrubbed from your head down to your toe (excluding the understandable parts!) using an exfoliation cloth/sponge or some cleaning body scrub/wash. Exfoliation is known as the process of taking dead skin cells off your body for the purpose of revealing fresh, ‘younger’ skin under. This is going to prevent acne and ingrown hair from surfacing, as well as boost the overall look and health of the skin.After laying face down on the table, you will be given the shower by the masseuse with a water temperature that you find suitable. This is followed by a downward body scrub with the use of soft massage-like rubs. This is beneficial not only for cleansing the skin, but as well to improve blood circulation and stimulate a relaxed feeling.

Deluxe MVP Facial
(90 min) $299

The active principles of MVP Skin care are extracts from fruits and plants. They are the best sources of nutrients to improve our skin. We believe the Natural Biochemical Approach is the safest, and the most compatible method in improving our skin, as it is through this same process that our skin maintains its life processes rejuvenates

 Platform used for MVP Facials at our spa