2 Reviews from Satisfied Walnut Creek Customers in 2014!

Took advantage of the current special, $99 for an hour long massage and hour long facial. This is a great deal! Everyone was lovely and kind, and both my service providers were fantastic. They both spent a lot of time with me and provided a quality experience. The facility was clean and comfortable and the onsite FREE parking is a total bonus. I will absolutely be back & definitely recommend this place to other Yelpers!

Constructive criticism #1: One of the workers must of reheated fish in a microwave or something because when I walked in the reception area smelled very ‘fishy.’ I love fish, but I don’t like to ‘smell’ fish if you know what I mean :) The rest of the facility had that lovely massage oil herby scent.

Constructive criticism #2: The heating pads on both my facial and massage tables were turned up WAY too high – warm and toasty for the first 10 minutes, hot and sweaty for the next 50. They should be kept on low – bonus, save on electricity!

Constructive criticism #3: The facialist should have asked me about my skin type, sensitivities etc… this is standard… but for the price, I can let this go :)

Odette V.
Walnut Creek, CA


I am a regular at Life Spring Day Spa and go as often as I can afford. The price is right and I am always welcomed sincerely by the owner, Xiao Ling or her friendly staff. I have always had very talented masseurs. I go regularly to “Master Gao “, who understands the body and does an amazing deep tissue massage. Especially if you have issues with your back. The masseur “Tao” is also talented and thorough and wonderful.. The massages here are not the standard, Swedish, massages. Having been a masseuse myself for many years in the past, I would categorize these as more “Eastern influenced” and therapeutic.

The massages remind me of the massage I would get from my acupuncture doctor who would give me a firm massage to stimulate “chi” (energy) for me. Of course the massages here are longer and feel better and are customized for your needs. The point is, I feel that the masseurs are well trained and Master Gao IS a Master of this art. I feel much better a few days after my massage as well (I have a bad back and ankle). The spa is very clean and has very nice energy once you are inside of it. I brought my partner as well and he loved it!!!

Deborah B.
Walnut Creek, CA